Our Leaders

Tulsa Midtown Chapter is guided by a 13-member elected
Board of Directors  who serve for a term of one year.  This leadership structure is mirrored at each grade level, with Ticktockers nominating
and electing officers, and filling appointed positions as well.
During their six years of membership, Ticktockers are encouraged
to try a variety of leadership and support roles.


Tulsa Midtown Chapter 2016-2017 Board of Directors:

President: Diane Henderson

President Elect: Laura Dishman

Vice President Membership: Kim Eshelman

Vice President Ticktockers:  Laura Darden, Marnie Flegler

Vice President Philanthropy:  Susan Fitter

Vice President Patroness Activities: Sheri Engelbrect

Vice President Communications: Colleen Bock

Vice President Provisionals:  Laurie Wollmershauser

Vice President Ways and Means:  Stephanie Stump

Recording Secretary: Kim Sutton

Treasurer:  Joanne Lucas

Parliamentarian:  Jennifer Zuyus



Immediate Past President:  Kathy Raschen

Founding  President:  Laura Colgan

2016-2017 Ncl, Inc

Tulsa Midtown Chapter 2016 – 2017 Board of Directors,
led by President Diane Henderson

NCL TMC 4 PresidentsTulsa Midtown Chapter Leaders, Past, Present and Future:
(left to right) President-Elect Laura Dishman,
President Diane Henderson, Past President Kathy Raschen
and Founding President Laura Colgan